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The story of The Orphan Hare . . . who became king! About The Book: The Rabbit King: Kingdom Leporidae begins with Hare, an orphan rabbit, alone and on his own.  Hare sees “hope in a kingdom, high upon a hill,” and hops the distance to begin a new life . . . where he gains the admiration, respect...
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        GLORY…THE HAIR is the story of one woman’s journey after getting her hair snipped  too much.  It depicts how very important hair is to everyone. Hair is a woman’s personality and her livelihood and dating life really depends upon it. Some men won’t even look in the direction of a woman with...
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For the first time in America a book has been published on Japan's foremost director of Fantasy Films, called: MUSHROOM CLOUDS AND MUSHROOM MEN – The Fantastic Cinema of Ishiro Honda, by Peter H. Brothers, recently published by AuthorHouse.Known primarily for directing such classic Japanese monster...
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THE FEARS OF A CLOWN... Henry Voulkos is Pokerface the Clown. The kind that's crying on the inside. He doesn't want to drink, or beat his daughter, or remember the war. He only wants to put on a good show. But MALICE, the Archdemon he's indebted to, wants him to put on HER show. And on a storming...
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A poem about a man coming to terms with who his true love is.
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**FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE** EDITORS: For review copies or interview requests, contact: Promotional Services Department Tel: 888-728-8467 Fax: 812-961-3133 Email: pressreleases@authorhouse.com (When requesting a review copy, please provide a street address.) Treasure of the Haunted Hacienda The Palo...
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Blossom Sterling knows she's different. She was born with a veil, a thin membrane that covered her face, and gave her a special gift. But for Blossom, the gift is so much more. It is because of this supernatural inheritance, her life in the small town of Riddle Inn is in stark contrast to that of...
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"The Journey, The Dreams, & AnnaBelle" touches on the lives of three generations of the authors family. Edgil & Minnie "Griffith" Wicker, their daughter, AnnaBelle "Wicker" Bollan, and then her daughter, (the author) Carolyn Sue "Bollan" Morris. From...