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There’s nothing funny about being vegan, unless you’re humorist Ben Shaberman. From dog chases to fornicating grasshoppers to chicken stock sabotage, The Vegan Monologues explores the lighter side of the meat-free lifestyle. Shaberman’s reflections will put  a smile on the faces of vegans and...
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Back cover: Late night at the corner diner. Struggling with that character who just won't speak to you or searching for that perfect word. Laboring over gallons of coffee, greasy comfort food, and blank notebook pages. Called by the feelings or ideas that compel a writer to set down her thoughts...
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This three-part book is a series of award-winning essays from the first Helen Keller Foundation International Memoir Writing Competition. They give voice to writers with ongoing disabilities, those who have overcome their disabilities, and from those dealing with another's disability. Their stories...