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The results of speaking with over 100 sex offenders live and in using online surveys, this article shows the myriad of dangers for parents trying to stay on top of who watches their child.
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Self Help meet spirituality in an exciting new work.  Visit us at www.SpiritThinking.net
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What Happens When We Die is a free eBook offered to help those who are afraid of what happens when we die.  It contains what I know to be truth.  The conviction I have for this experience is more real than any other experience I have in life.  For example, the sun will come up is fairly certain. ...
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Crossing Twice is the story of Reece's near death experience and the journey to the joining with the Source.  Although crushed by his return to life, the inspiration of the experience allows him to begin his true path. "If you ever had questions about the afterlife and what happens when we die...