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On a windswept night in April of 1775, Eliza sat at her father’s bedside hoping he would recover. Forced to leave the home she grew up in, Eliza grows desperate. She could marry her former suitor, but cannot bear the thought of a loveless marriage. Instead she falls in love with Hayward...
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All her life Muri Pond dreamed of finding the father who left her when she was three years old.  Now it’s too late. Joe Pond has died, willing his remote Central Oregon high desert property to his citified daughter, a librarian who’d rather research than ranch. When legally-separated Muri Pond...
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Already sloshed from one-too-many drinks at a faculty party, Leah Thornton cruises the supermarket aisles in search of something tasty to enhance her Starbucks—Kahlua, for example. Two confrontations later—one at the grocery store and the other with her friend Molly—Leah is sitting in the office of...
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After a harrowing escape from the British, patriot Seth Braxton finds his father dead at Yorktown. Now battle scarred and grieving, he endeavors to settle down for a peaceful life along the shores of the Potomac by restoring the land his father loved. Thinking he will forever stay in the secluded...