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You can create an elegant, permanent home on the web where we keep up with the technology and design so you don’t have to. No more designing a new, expensive website every few years. (Although if you already have a separate website, you are welcome to link to it on Red Room.)

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Keep good company
Our Premium Member community is growing every day. You’re joining founding authors including Amy Tan, Maya Angelou, Po Bronson, Salman Rushdie, Terry McMillan, Ishmael Reed, Peter Coyote, Chelsea Handler, James Patterson, Maxine Hong Kingston, and more in making Red Room your home. Reach a dramatic number of new readers on one of the friendliest and most engaging online platforms in the world. You’ll also meet new colleagues, including agents, publishers, and journalists, as well as other authors who may be your heroes, your fans, or your new friends.

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You’ll have a direct relationship with our editors and the opportunity to have your work showcased in a variety of ways. Our editors make final selections based on merit, but you can get featured in spotlights such as Blog of the Week, Rising Star, What to Read Next, and Editor’s Picks. Your work is also eligible for a spot as a “Featured Book” that appears prominently on the pages of thousands of avid readers, including journalists, librarians, booksellers, agents, and industry professionals. We also regularly feature Premium Members in our weekly enewsletter.
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New readers and fans are waiting for you on Red Room. Most Premium Members who blog regularly on Red Room get hundreds of new readers within weeks. Aspiring authors have reported numbers like 15,000 visitors in one year, and some established authors have had blog entries so successful they’ve reached more than 500,000 readers in one month. Your Red Room dashboard lets you track your visitors. Also, your events will be listed in our cross-marketing events calendar, so people looking up other author events will learn about you too.

Build a powerful author community
When you join as a Premium Member, your financial support helps us help you, and other writers and readers around the world. You’re providing the financial support we need to roll out new tools to keep you ahead of the technology, and to create innovative ways to market your book on Red Room and beyond. Imagine if all the writers in the world all got together to create a community that supports authors more than any institution ever has—that’s what we’re building. Join us.

Help change the world
We donate money to the causes our authors tell us matter most to them, so you’ll have the opportunity to have a voice in our charitable giving. In 2011, we made donations to hundreds of nonprofits around the world, all selected by our authors.

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We want to make you happy—just call us at 415.822.1922 during Pacific Time business hours, or email us at editors@redroom.com. We’re delighted to help our Premium Members set up or update their profiles on Red Room. Whether you’re new to managing your own social media or are just pressed for time, we’re here to help. Everyone on our team loves helping authors market their books!

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$250 per year Add to cart   How it works We sometimes offer a scholarship rate for authors in financial need.

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Note: Trial membership does not include Red Room Royalties or Relationships programs.
$250 per year Add to cart   How it works We sometimes offer a scholarship rate
for authors in financial need.
Limited Trial Premium Membership: $30/month
Get limited trial membership
Note: Trial membership does not include Red Room Royalties or Relationships programs.

For the kind of books I write, I need and enjoy getting new ideas directly from readers. Sometimes those readers wind up in my next book. On Red Room, I can make connections with the readers and the other writers I’m interested in connecting with. Red Room brings us together in an authentic community.”
I’ve been meaning to make a web page for, oh, three or four years and have never done it. It always seemed a little strange to be out there on your own, advertising yourself. This is very different. What’s really pleasing is being part of a community—and you all are making this possible in a very beautiful way.”
Sarah Stone,
Author of writers’ guides and the novel The True Sources of the Nile
. . . it is a particular boon to writers not up on the technology whether thru age or reluctance, and to mid-list writers who see their works vanishing from the shelves of bookstores at an alarming rate.”
Brenda Webster,
Teacher, critic, translator, and author of books like Vienna Triangle
Red Room feels more like being at your best friend’s dinner party than like sitting at the computer—it’s fun, it’s entertaining . . . on Red Room I can find out what people all over the world are reading and writing.”
I lost my blog virginity on Red Room. It’s a great hangout for writers, bloggers, and blog voyeurs. There’s no dress code—glam to goofy is fine—and drinks are ‘round the clock, on the house. It’s amazing what writers will say when there are no editors around to keep them presentable. That’s the Red Room effect.”
Red Room simply is the classiest site out there for writers. Not only is it a fountain of wonderful blogs and juicy news for readers and writers alike, it has helped my work in surprising ways. A blog I wrote about my son has been published four times in other forms . . . a meditation on meeting my dear mentor, Ray Bradbury, led to an invitation to write a short story to be published in an anthology. It’s worth every penny to be part of this wonderful resource.”
Jacquelyn Mitchard,
inaugural Oprah Book Club selection whose newest book is Second Nature
I couldn’t be happier with my author page; with my book out only a couple of weeks, it has already turned out to be a great resource. I could never have done a web page without you and your incredibly helpful staff.”
At the Red Room, I’ve found a wonderful, vibrant, intellectually and politically engaged community that reads, writes, opines. This makes the Red Room a fabulous combination of a literary salon, a support group, and a favourite pub. It’s international, too; I’m in India chatting with writers in London.”
Sunny Singh,
Author of two novels as well as the nonfiction Single in the City: The Independent Woman’s Handbook