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posted by Lisa Brown
The movie Where the Wild Things Are, based on the children’s book of the same name, tells the story of a boy named Max who goes on an adventure to the land... where the wild things are. KALW’s Molly...
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posted by Heidi W. Durrow
A family in an attic brings back the memories for Heidi Durrow. If you like this story, please go to NPR's website and hit recommend. Thanks! http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=...
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posted by Jo Maeder
David Ford, host of "Triad Arts Up Close" interviews Jo Maeder about The Bookup, a new social experience that promotes "long-form reading in a short-form world." It's B.Y.O.B. Bring Your Own Book!
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posted by Lian Frost
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posted by Gary G Gach
Talk delivered at Centre for Ethics, Newington College. You might not know the audience was high school students, until the final question. But maybe you can ... from a note of enthusiasm and...
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posted by Alex Grant
The telescope heretic vacuum guy..
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posted by Jo Maeder
A new York radio institution for nearly 30 years, it was an honor - and a lot of fun - to be on with Rabbi Joseph Potasnik and Deacon Kevin McCormack, Sunday, November 8, 2009. This is a 90 second...
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posted by former member
The Night Battles Audiobook. Published by Blackstone Audiobooks, 2009, read by Carrington MacDuffie.
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fr-heyward-ewart-ph-d's picture
Marriages are failing at an accelerated rate not because of popular reasons but because people have lost touch with what marriage and could and should be. This audio message is an eye-opener.
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posted by Alex Grant
You know - Brigadoon..
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posted by Alex Telander
In episode 19 of BookBanter, I'm interviewing Alan Jacobson, bestselling author of The 7th Victim, his first novel featuring the great FBI profiler, Karen Vail, and his new novel and sequel, Crush...
Play time 39:22
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david-niall-wilson's picture
posted by David Niall Wilson
This is a recording of one of my short stories...written once, published...lost...and rewritten. Now offered here, just before Halloween. Enjoy...and please, I'd love feedback both on the story,...
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gina-misiroglu's picture
posted by Gina Misiroglu
Popular syndicated radio host Kim Iverson discusses how to tackle "difficult topics" with Handy Answer Book for Kids author Gina Misiroglu.
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linda-morganstein's picture
posted by Linda Morganstein
Linda reads a selection from MY LIFE WITH STELLA KANE
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posted by Peter Johnson
Play time 10:39
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posted by Maria Badillo
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posted by Craig Clevenger
Presented as part of the KQED Writers' Block podcast
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posted by Arezki Daoud
This is a BBC interview of North Africa Journal editor Arezki Daoud on France's interest to widen its strategic role in the Mediterranean region.
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posted by Luciana Lhullier
Reading of my blog post, Voices.
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rochelle-yolanda-melander's picture
Author and Writing coach Rochelle Melander talks with suspense writer Sheldon Rusch, author of For Edgar and The Boy with the Perfect Hands.
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shana-mclean-moore's picture
posted by Shana McLean Moore
Any frazzled and frumpy mother of a toddler and a newborn knows there’s something far scarier than a shark to threaten her life as she knows it. That something, by golly, is her husband’s divorced...
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doug-brooks's picture
posted by Doug Brooks
The poetic description of the end times, trends and societies challenges.
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lzuckerm's picture
posted by Laurel Zuckerman
You would think it would be easy for a native English speaker to become an English teacher in a country that's looking for them. Laurel Zuckerman, author of Sorbonne Confidential, tells a narrative...
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alex-telander's picture
posted by Alex Telander
Photo by Micah Demoux Eyeris Dan Wells is the author of I am Not a Serial Killer and the recently released Mr. Monster. He likes to begin his readings with: "I am not a serial...
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maria-badillo's picture
posted by Maria Badillo
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