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posted by Lisa Brown
The movie Where the Wild Things Are, based on the children’s book of the same name, tells the story of a boy named Max who goes on an adventure to the land... where the wild things are. KALW’s Molly...
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heidi-w-durrow's picture
posted by Heidi W. Durrow
A family in an attic brings back the memories for Heidi Durrow. If you like this story, please go to NPR's website and hit recommend. Thanks! http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=...
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jo-maeder's picture
posted by Jo Maeder
David Ford, host of "Triad Arts Up Close" interviews Jo Maeder about The Bookup, a new social experience that promotes "long-form reading in a short-form world." It's B.Y.O.B. Bring Your Own Book!
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lian-frost's picture
posted by Lian Frost
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gary-g-gach's picture
posted by Gary G Gach
Talk delivered at Centre for Ethics, Newington College. You might not know the audience was high school students, until the final question. But maybe you can ... from a note of enthusiasm and...
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jane-p-perry's picture
posted by Jane P Perry
Colleen Lookingbill from the March 13, 2014 George Albon and Colleen Lookingbell event at The Poetry Center, San Francisco State University, along with sounds from the Writer's Group where Colleen...
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melissa-ousley's picture
posted by Melissa Ousley
Want to listen to an excerpt from The Rabbit and the Raven? Check out a Blog Talk Radio interview with Melissa Eskue Ousley, the author of the new YA series, The Solas Beir Trilogy. Darkness is...
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jess-wells's picture
posted by Jess Wells
Seymour Hamilton, author of The Astreya Trilogy (Fireship Press), and Jess Wells discuss writing historical fiction, the emotional make-up of Christine de Pizan, and whether the Middle Ages are as...
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beverly-cleary's picture
posted by Beverly Cleary
(Broadcast April 9th, 2006.) If you were a child in America anytime between the 1950s and now — especially if you were a little girl — you probably know Ramona Quimby. She's author Beverly Cleary's...
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amy-palleson's picture
posted by Amy Palleson
Accompanied blog post:  http://redroom.com/member/amy-palleson/blog/only-hope-in-empathy
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andrew-q-lam's picture
posted by Andrew Q Lam
Living in California I heard of holistic healings, but I never believed it until I returned to Dalat...  Andrew Lam is the author "Birds of Paradise Lost," and "Perfume Dreams: Reflections on...
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deborah-ledford's picture
posted by Deborah Ledford
Excerpt from the CRESCENDO audiobook by Deborah J Ledford, narrated by TV and film actress Christina Cox. Produced by IOF Productions Ltd.
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joan-gelfand's picture
posted by Joan Gelfand
The D-Spot feature with Elaine Drew, a weekly web-radio show hosted by Kelly Sullivan Walden
Play time 60:52
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andrew-q-lam's picture
posted by Andrew Q Lam
The thirteen stories in Birds of Paradise Lost shimmer with humor and pathos as they chronicle the anguish and joy and bravery of America’s newest Americans, the troubled lives of those who...
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katherine-gregor's picture
posted by Katherine Gregor
My 'Sound Sculpture' on crows, on the BBC Radio 4 'Saturday Live' programme, broadcast on 14 January 2012.
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earl-merkel's picture
posted by Earl Merkel
Earl Merkel and David Latko of the nationally broadcast talk-radio program MONEY & MORE interview novelist, screenwriter and graphic-novel legend Neil Gaiman.
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earl-merkel's picture
posted by Earl Merkel
In 1918, at least 40 million people --some estimates double that figure-- worldwide died in a matter of a few months. The killer was a lethal form of virus: H1N1 influenza, dubbed "Spanish Flu" in...
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elizabeth-eslami's picture
posted by Elizabeth Eslami
My radio interview with Lee Goode, host of KPOV's No Borders.
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victoria-zackheim's picture
posted by Victoria Zackheim
Mimi Geerges Show
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ben-fong-torres's picture
posted by Ben Fong-Torres
A minute of Ben mashing up Elvis and Bob Dylan
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lovely-brown's picture
posted by Lovely Brown
Spoken Word poetry-MY LIBERATION!
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jillian-estrellado's picture
posted by Jillian Estrellado
Heart of everyone who loves God. A powerful song.
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rebbecca-hill's picture
posted by Rebbecca Hill
Rebb reading her piece, The Voice.
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