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posted by Lisa Brown
The movie Where the Wild Things Are, based on the children’s book of the same name, tells the story of a boy named Max who goes on an adventure to the land... where the wild things are. KALW’s Molly...
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posted by Heidi W. Durrow
A family in an attic brings back the memories for Heidi Durrow. If you like this story, please go to NPR's website and hit recommend. Thanks! http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=...
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jo-maeder's picture
posted by Jo Maeder
David Ford, host of "Triad Arts Up Close" interviews Jo Maeder about The Bookup, a new social experience that promotes "long-form reading in a short-form world." It's B.Y.O.B. Bring Your Own Book!
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posted by Lian Frost
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gary-g-gach's picture
posted by Gary G Gach
Talk delivered at Centre for Ethics, Newington College. You might not know the audience was high school students, until the final question. But maybe you can ... from a note of enthusiasm and...
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posted by Gary G Gach
Return visit to Mission Unstoppable Radio, sharing the spot with Jimi Calhoun, author of A Story of Rhythm & Grace : https://mail.google.com/mail/?shva=1#search/gach+unstoppable/12bc7c563c3... "...
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myne-whitman's picture
posted by Myne Whitman
If you've lived in the same place your whole life, it's tough to know what it's like to have your life split into two places. Myne Whitman knows exactly what that's like. She's a writer who lives in...
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evie-shockley's picture
posted by Evie Shockley
This is an interview conducted by Jacque Day for WKMS 93.1 FM (NPR), which aired on Morning Edition on Wednesday, Oct. 20, 2010. A longer version of the conversation can be found under "Web Links"...
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leslie-musoko's picture
posted by Leslie Musoko
Blog Talk Radio Interview with Martin White
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posted by Charles A. Ray
This show was after my first book, "Things I Learned From My Grandmother About Leadership and Life" was published.
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posted by Charles A. Ray
A radio interview about my latest book, "Red, White, and Blue," and my philosophy of life and writing.
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laurel-anne-hill's picture
posted by Laurel Anne Hill
When the earthquake hit Haiti last January, that country's history of poor government was largely responsible for the extent of the devastation and inability to deal with the aftermath. Lax building...
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janny-wurts's picture
posted by Janny Wurts
For the first time in audio, the Cycle of Fire Trilogy, a stout and epic tale mixing sci-fi and fantasy by acclaimed author Janny Wurts. This classic fantasy trilogy follows three young people...
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posted by Rebbecca Hill
Rebb reading poem in Spanish, as best she can.
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michelle-richmond's picture
posted by Michelle Richmond
Ben and Michelle talk about Ben's role in No One You Know, and the fall of Billy Boudreaux
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SFKaufman's picture
posted by Stephen Kaufman
Hanshi Speaks on the Rhett Palmer Radio Show in Vero Beach, Florida 12/1/2011 Hanshi Steve Kaufman talks about "Self-Revealization Acceptance" and the simplicity of making your life pleasant and...
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aberjhani's picture
posted by Aberjhani
"An Angel for New Orleans" was written as the full magnitude of the Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita disasters first unfolded. With pen in hand, as we say, I sat watching the news, crying, and...
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jane-p-perry's picture
posted by Jane P Perry
Aife calls me. We are planning a road trip from her house in the Mission District of San Francisco to Venice Beach in southern California. We decide that I will spend the night at her house to get...
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jane-p-perry's picture
posted by Jane P Perry
This Sunday’s New York Times Travel section offers up forty five places to visit in 2012.  Along with Tokyo, Glasgow, Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, Moscow, Chilean Patagonia, Tanzania, Helsinki,...
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mitch-cullin's picture
posted by Mitch Cullin
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famed sleuth Sherlock Holmes never met a mystery he couldn't solve. Mitch Cullin's new novel A Slight Trick of the Mind explores the life of an aging Holmes, who must cope...
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ben-fong-torres's picture
posted by Ben Fong-Torres
A celebration of the President-Elect, to the tune of the least Obamariffic state of them all. This'll teach 'em! I wrote this & performed it with no rehearsal & in a slightly too-high key (as...
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