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posted by Lisa Brown
The movie Where the Wild Things Are, based on the children’s book of the same name, tells the story of a boy named Max who goes on an adventure to the land... where the wild things are. KALW’s Molly...
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heidi-w-durrow's picture
posted by Heidi W. Durrow
A family in an attic brings back the memories for Heidi Durrow. If you like this story, please go to NPR's website and hit recommend. Thanks! http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=...
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jo-maeder's picture
posted by Jo Maeder
David Ford, host of "Triad Arts Up Close" interviews Jo Maeder about The Bookup, a new social experience that promotes "long-form reading in a short-form world." It's B.Y.O.B. Bring Your Own Book!
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lian-frost's picture
posted by Lian Frost
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gary-g-gach's picture
posted by Gary G Gach
Talk delivered at Centre for Ethics, Newington College. You might not know the audience was high school students, until the final question. But maybe you can ... from a note of enthusiasm and...
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tatjana-soli's picture
posted by Tatjana Soli
I had the wonderful good fortune to be interviewed by Michael Silverblatt for Bookworm. One writer said she goes on his show to find out what her books are about — he's that good.
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adam-fieled's picture
posted by Adam Fieled
Equations by Adam Fieled is a print book, released by Blue & Yellow Dog Press in 2011. You can purchase it here.
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katherine-ellison's picture
posted by Katherine Ellison
Play time 52:05
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posted by Walter Rimler
Words and Music by Walter Rimler (c) 1989 Vocal: Jack Rozzell Piano and arrangement: Bob Bauer
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jim-mosquera's picture
posted by Jim Mosquera
An interview with Joe Cristiano of Liberty Talk Radio
Play time 61:16
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walter-rimler's picture
posted by Walter Rimler
A song from 1975 or so, music and lyrics by Walter Rimler The demo was by a band called Foxfire with a little help at the end from moi
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tom-von-deck's picture
posted by Tom Von Deck
Learn Mindfulness Meditation with the breath as the object of focus.
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precious-williams's picture
posted by Precious Williams
radio interview
Play time 12:27
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walter-rimler's picture
posted by Walter Rimler
Words and Music: Walter Rimler Arrangement: Walter Rimler Vocal: A distant (very) relative of Enrico Caruso
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jim-mosquera's picture
posted by Jim Mosquera
Interview with Texas CU League
Play time 60:35
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nicholas-hartlep's picture
posted by Nicholas Hartlep
Play time 59:58
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eve-kushner's picture
posted by Eve Kushner
I spoke about 5 unusual kanji expressions. My part goes from 19:05 to the end, nearly 9 minutes.
Play time 27:51
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kim-cooper's picture
posted by Kim Cooper
The time travel bloggers share notable events of December and January 1927, including tales of poisonous liquor, hypercritical papas, NIMBYism in historic South Central and a millionairess tied up...
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david-niall-wilson's picture
posted by David Niall Wilson
This is a recording of one of my short stories...written once, published...lost...and rewritten. Now offered here, just before Halloween. Enjoy...and please, I'd love feedback both on the story,...
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jane-p-perry's picture
posted by Jane P Perry
A sound poem in silverware, dinner plates, and glassware. Two minutes.
Play time 2:11
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mariette-ana-papic's picture
posted by Mariette Ana Papic
An entry reflecting my life in one of New York's party scenes,Corn Plastic Dance Floor, reveals some of what I learned in the darker spaces and far flung loft's of a scene that alternately employed,...
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gary-c-king's picture
posted by Gary C. King
Interview on KNPR's State of Nevada program in which I discuss my latest book, AN ALMOST PERFECT MURDER, which is about the murder of Nevada state controller Kathy Augustine by her husband, Chaz...
Play time 26:06
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shana-mclean-moore's picture
posted by Shana McLean Moore
Author and motivational speaker Shana McLean Moore talks with Extreme Dream Queen Laurie Santos about the importance of having dreams and passion.
Play time 30:08
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clinton-fein's picture
posted by Clinton Fein
Clinton Fein talks with Richard Kamler. Kamler is the host of ArtTalk, a weekly series of conversations and interviews with cutting edge artists, writers, performers and educators who are working to...
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