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Amy Tan

Causes I Support

  • Self Help for the Elderly
    The Lyme Disease Association
    Half the Sky
    Pets Unlimited
    Squaw Valley Community of Writers


  • Talks, lectures, appearances: Steven Barclay Agency
    Literary rights: Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency

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  • Putnam
    Aladdin Picture Books

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  • The Holy Ghost of my father and the Chinese ghosts of my mother.

    The American Dream and the Chinese family's interpretation of that.

    Free books from the library every week and reading books that appeared on the banned book lists.

    Writing secret letters to my friends about running away to Haight-Ashbury and writing thank you letters as my mother dictated them to me in bad English.

    The early deaths of my older brother and father and my mother's belief that I would die next.

    An SAT score in the 400s for English and SAT score in the 700s in Spanish

    Listening to my mother and her friends gossip in Chinese. Understanding Chinese but not being able to speak it.

    Luck and an amazing amount of it.