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What is your favorite detective story?

Red Letter

The Red Letter

Authors of the World Unite! | 12 June 2013

Dear Red Roomer,


“The detective must be a complete man and a common man and yet an unusual man. He must be, to use a rather weathered phrase, a man of honor.”

–Raymond Chandler, author of The Big Sleep (and who I’m sure meant to say “person,” considering Philip Marlowe’s predecessors included Jane Marple and Nora Charles).

This week, we’d like you blog about your favorite detective story.

James Patterson has found phenomenal success updating the detective novel for the 21st century in his Alex Cross and Women’s Murder Club series, while authors like J.T. Ellison and Matt Beynon Rees take the genre local, setting their stories vividly in their respective hometowns of Nashville and Jerusalem. Innovative crime novelist Kelli Stanley set her story in the ancient Roman empire.

Just this week, three exciting detective fiction authors from around the globe joined Red Room. They are Layton Green, whose three Dominic Grey novels involve a dynamic duo investigating religious cults. His newest, The Diabolist, was just released. John Enright’s protagonist is a Samoan-born, American-raised cop who returns to American Samoa, fighting crime while divided between two cultures—Fire Knife Dancing is the second in that series. And Spanish author Antonio Garrido’s The Corpse Reader takes detection back to 12th-century China in a story based on the real historical figure Song Cí, considered to be the founding father of CSI-style forensic science.

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Warmest Regards,

Gina Misiroglu

Executive Editor, Red Room

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While serving on the board of a popular readings series, she’s working on her own YA fantasy stories.
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A translator is drawn into a centuries-old murder mystery with mystical implications in Wim Coleman and Pat Perrin’s Mayan Interface.

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