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What famous author’s lesser-known book do you recommend?

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The Red Letter

Authors of the World Unite! | 6 June 2012

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Erica Jong has published more than twenty books: fiction, essays, poetry, literary criticism, and even an illustrated book about the history and cultural meaning of witches. However, she’s still primarily known for a book she wrote in her late twenties. Fear of Flying became part of the cultural fabric of the 1970s, and while she’s “proud of it,” as she told the Boston Herald, “I get sick of hearing about Fear of Flying, but people won’t let it go." This week, please blog about a lesser-known book by famous author that you recommend.
Since Oprah Winfrey chose Jacquelyn Mitchard’s debut The Deep End of the Ocean for her first Book Club selection, Mitchard's books have both hit and missed the bestseller lists. About her 2007 novel Cage of Stars, she says, “It was called ‘the nearly perfect novel’ by Pay It Forward author Catherine Ryan Hyde. It's still one of my top three faves and it sank like the Andrea Doria, despite having everything—crime, revenge, repentance, terrible secrets, and even Mormons. No one knows why.”
Did you know that both Amy Tan and Salman Rushdie have published delightful children’s books? And that the mind behind the thirteen A Series of Unfortunate Events books, Daniel Handler, also wrote Adverbs, a novel for adults? Both Tobias Wolff and Maxine Hong Kingston may be known for their memoirs, but each has a fascinating body of work that includes novels, short stories, poetry, and essays.
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  I recently reread Don DeLillo’s first book Americana to find out if it still seemed as good as—and as unlike—his later, more famous books as I remembered.”  
-Kurt Andersen,
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