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Blood Strangers

Emeralds Never Fade

Kick the Balls

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“Tigers: Man-Eaters Eaten by Man” by Andrew Q. Lam
Once in a while tigers make international news, like the white tiger in Las Vegas that mauled illusionist Roy Horn of Siegfried & Roy, or the one that killed a teenager at the San Francisco Zoo. Most of the time, though, the news is about tigers being eaten by man.

The latest involves a restaurateur in Hanoi arrested for selling tiger meat. She has been arrested before and served time in jail, but the trade proves too lucrative – $1,000 per 100 grams of tiger meat -- to give up, especially now that there are but a few tigers left in the wild. Read full post »

“A Room of Her Own” by Nahid Rachlin
I began to write when I was in high school, in the 1960s, in Ahvaz, an oil town in Southwest Iran. I still can vividly see the room in which I wrote. It was one of a row of bedrooms, on the second floor of our two-story house with a wrap-around balcony. I had furnished my room sparsely -- a wooden desk and chair, an iron bed covered by a quilt my grandmother made, a rust colored Persian rug on the floor. But the room had a window overlooking Pahlavi Square, full of discordant color. Read full post »

“The Place of Great White Spaces” by Cheryl Merrill
Once, a long time ago, a village was raided in the land of those who called themselves the “real” people. All the men were killed. One widow was so sad that she cried and cried and cried, until her tears filled a large salty lake.

Many pink birds came to that lake, which had begun to shrink in the relentless sun almost as soon as the woman stopped crying. After awhile the lake dried out, leaving behind a vast flat pan with a few waterholes, and the people called it “Etosha” the “place of great white spaces.”
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A note from author
Matthew Polly

When my wife heard I was going to do another Plimptonesque participatory book on martial arts, she said, "You're going to get hit in the head for another two years? You're dumb enough already." Now you have to chance to enjoy the ride without the brain damage.


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The Blue Bicycle
by Bob Mustin


Artie Royal has had a rough life—he's suffered more loss and rejection than anyone should have to bear. Still, he rises above the problems confronting him, and he does it with charity and grace and understanding. In fact, it eventually becomes as easy for him to push his concerns aside as it was at age eight to soar down Main Street on that blue bike, wind whistling in his ears.


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Robert Dugoni


Maxine Hong Kingston

Her reading of the audiobook version of her memoir won two AudioFile awards.



Will Entrekin

Blog about your favorite time travel story and win a copy of Will Entrekin’s novel The Prodigal Hour.

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