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No One Is Here Except All Of Us

Cool Calm and Contentious

The Caddie Who Won the Masters

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Marcia Meier
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Gina Misiroglu
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Chris Rodell
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“Hibernaculum” by Mylène Dressler
In July, when we moved in, he was here. He roosted in a corner of our screened attic window, wadded tightly, a velvet sock rolled into the lower right corner. Sometimes he hung upside down, a hooded bulb. Smaller than the paper lanterns hanging above him, the two empty wasp-nests. Heavier than the dried leaves clinging in the spiderwebs.
I ran to the computer, looked him up. Little brown bat. That was his name. Myotis lucifugus. American little brown bat. Male because solitary. Sleepy because summer. Works for four hours a day. Flies and darts and catches. But it's hard work, so he must rest much of the time. I understand this. I fell in love. Read full post »

“What Does Success Look Like to You?” by Mary L. Akers
In my daydream of success, I'm standing at a lectern, reading and answering questions and I have a large audience. So, that's "success" for me, it turns out, and that tells me that I am more interested in reaching people, in having an audience, and connecting with readers. Now for another writer, he might envision success as walking on stage and accepting a big award, or getting an excellent critical review of his work, or making the canon. Another writer might just see success as being able to find the time to write, alone, for long stretches. If you know what success looks like to you subconsciously, you can make changes in your work to push it in that direction. Read full post »

“What Commands Attention” by Barbara Froman
The term went on with (this student) showing up a couple of minutes late for every class and settling into his favorite spot to snooze, while somehow managing to pass his exams, and hand in papers on time. I was convinced he was unreachable; and then I assigned “The Snake” by John Steinbeck.
When I walked into the next class, he was already there, and sitting in the front row. Read Full Post »


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A note from author
Robbi Nester

Though I know many who either write/read poetry or do yoga, there are comparatively few like myself, for whom both take on an equally important role. I hope to bring yoga practitioners to poetry and to introduce poetry fans to yoga.


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Alphabetter Juice
by Roy Blount, Jr.


No man of letters savors the ABC’s, or serves them up, like language-loving humorist Roy Blount Jr. His glossary, from ad hominy to zizz, is hearty, full bodied, and out to please discriminating palates coarse and fine. In 2008, he celebrated the gists, tangs, and energies of letters and their combinations in Alphabet Juice, to wide acclaim. Now, Alphabetter Juice. Which is better.

This book is for anyone—novice wordsmith, sensuous reader, or career grammarian—who loves to get physical with words. What is the universal sign of disgust, ew, doing in beautiful and cutie? Why is toadless, but not frogless, in the Oxford English Dictionary? How can the U. S. Supreme Court find relevance in gollywoddles? Might there be scientific evidence for the sonicky value of hunch?

Digging into how locutions evolve, and work, or fail, Blount draws upon everything from The Tempest to The Wire. Have a taste!


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Edward Wilson

Follow master spy, Catesby, from Berlin to Cuba in this engaging Cold War novel.The Midnight Swimmer.


Carol Hoenig

She won second place in the Long Island Press’s Best Long Island Author 2012 Awards.
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Gina Misiroglu

Blog about your favorite Red Room hero (or, better yet, review their book) and win a copy of the second edition of Gina Misiroglu’s The Superhero Book: The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Comic-Book Icons and Hollywood Heroes..

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