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In this week’s Bookstore Window: A shocking salmon scandal, writing characters that give us courage, and breaking up with the past.
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Mermaid in Chelsea Creek

The Witch of Little Italy

Letter To My Mother

Lisa Brown

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Lisa Brown
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Caroline Leavitt

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Caroline Leavitt
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Maria Espinosa

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Maria Espinosa
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Holly Schindler

“Breaking Up With the Past”
by Holly Schindler

It took seven and a half years of full-time effort to get my first yes. I went through an especially tough time about four years into it. A really, really bad time. A sort of, "Am I really going to keep doing this?" kind of bad time. And for a gal who never wanted to do anything but write, that was pretty darn bad.

Talking to a fellow writer recently, I tried to explain what got me through it. And the best way I could think of to describe it was that I broke up with the past. I broke up with the four years that had come before. I broke up with every person and situation that had dashed my high hopes. And, as you always have to do at some point following every breakup, I said, "Aw, screw you, anyway. I'll be just fine without you."

And I went back to work.

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Arlene Goldbard

by Arlene Goldbard

My sweetheart loves to fly fish. He never keeps the fish, just tenderly tips them back into the sea. So he’s plugged into various fishing networks, some devoted to survival of species that are imperiled by human impact. He’s the one who turned me onto Twyla Roscovich’s quite remarkable film, Salmon Confidential.

The film painstakingly lays out the way those who are supposed to protect Canada’s health and commonwealth have allowed fish farms—feed lots for fish—to contaminate wild salmon habitat with gruesome and terrible diseases, creating health risks for fish and other species, destroying a traditional source of food and culture for First Nations people, and affecting the livelihood of commercial fishers too. The massive decline in Fraser River salmon coincides with the licensing of fish farms directly along salmon migration routes; the species of salmon that have flourished and even expanded have no fish farms on their migratory paths.

After we watched the film together, my partner shook his head and asked, “How can they do that? How can they live with themselves?”

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Jane Wilson

“If I Listen, I Can Hear Her”
by Jane Wilson

The grass in my front yard had grown so tall, I worried about Clyde. He lives around the corner, so I walked to his house on Friday night. He was in his yard, with a friend.

As usual, he grinned when he saw me. He said, "This is my friend, Betty."

Betty smiled. He said to her, "This is Jane. I told you about her."

I extended my hand over the picket fence. "Hi, Betty. It's nice to meet you."

Betty shook my hand. Betty doesn't speak. I'm unsure if she's shy, or lacks the ability. She smiles, though. Clyde has a speech impediment. He can't pronounce some consonants, omits a few verbs, but he has no difficulty talking with me. I love our conversations.

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Toby Tate A note from author
Toby Tate

I always liked the idea of modern technology and ancient mythology kind of teaming to become the ultimate foe, and this story gave me a chance to do that.


Room for Examination

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Room for Examination: More than Skin Deep
by James Channing Shaw


This is the story of a medical career from my perspective as dermatologist, student, patient, teacher, father, husband, researcher and administrator. It is about the training I received on my path to becoming an expert in skin diseases. It is also about doctors, the medical profession, and the academic institutions in which many doctors work at some point in their careers.

Mostly, however, it is about the patients. Patients are at the mercy of doctors. All too often, outcomes or interactions are less than praiseworthy, for reasons as variable as the individuals themselves. This story explores behaviors, mostly by doctors, some by patients, some by me, which I ultimately viewed as less than praiseworthy. We can always do better.


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The Quest of the Thirteen

John DeFilippis John DeFilippis

His debut is a classic fantasy in which a band of adventurers embark on a quest to save their kingdom.
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And the Mountains Echoed

Khaled Hosseini Khaled Hosseini

His new novel is a top 5 New York Times Best Seller.
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Opposites Attack

Jo Maeder

Red Roomers are blogging this week about the unlikeliest couples in literature.
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