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In this week’s Bookstore Window: Indian influences in Japan, a new best-seller about Zelda Fitzgerald, and why don’t more vampires move to Canada?
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The Nature Principle

Birds of Paradise Lost

The Marriage of True Minds

Page Lambert

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Page Lambert
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Elisabeth Rosner

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Elizabeth Rosner
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Matthew Hanlon

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Matthew Hanlon
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Eve Kushner

“From Pagodas to Elephants”
by Eve Kushner

With essay 1280 on 魂 (soul, spirit) and then essay 1651 on 塔 (tower; pagoda; monument), I've needed to write quite a bit about Buddhism. Comprehending Buddhism means grasping ideas and words that traveled from India through China, through Korea, and finally to Japan! Even the concept of the pagoda (originally the stupa) followed this route, as did the word for that structure.

That happened about 1,500 years ago. One might assume that there would be little ancient Indian influence in Japan today. But that's not correct. When I visited last summer and asked my proofreader what one stone monument at a temple said, he stared at it for awhile and said that he had no idea, as it was in Sanskrit.

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Katherine Gregor

"New City, New You—or New City, Real You?"
by Katherine Gregor

There is something liberating and strangely peaceful about moving to a place where you do not know a soul, and nobody knows you. People tell me that you can be whatever you like, then. Reinvent yourself—that all too trendy phrase. My experience, since moving to Norwich (where I got off the train not knowing anyone at all), last February, has not been so much of becoming a new me, as of starting to discover the original me.

In a new city, you do not have the pressure of remembering the lines of your role. There is no one around you to pick up the cues, anyway, so you can devise a new script. There is no one to give any new acquaintances you make a potted biography of you by way of introduction, so your new acquaintances are given the rare freedom of making up their own minds about you, without outside influence.

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Nathan Burgoine

“Short Stories 365:96—‘Northern Bites, aka Canada Sucks: A Very Short Vampire Story’”
by Nathan Burgoine

Whenever I watch or read anything vampiric, I always wonder why vampires don't hop on over the Canadian border when it's growing darker. Often vampires seem to live in the lower and warmer—and, strangely sunnier—climates, and I couldn't help but frown a little over that. You'd think Canada, in winter anyway, would be a haven for vampires.

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What I Love About You Mom

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Kate Marshall A note from author
Kate Marshall

I'm grateful that both David and I still have our moms in our lives, and that we were able to express our appreciation to them using this journal. Both loved getting their custom versions: hearing our memories and gratitude meant the world to them.


Virgin Soul

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Virgin Soul
by Judy Juanita


So it is that, one month out of high school in July 1964, Geniece Hightower gets a room at the YWCA for $12.50 a week and hits Oakland City College’s summer session. The country is in the grips of anti-war sentiment, strikes, and civil rights protests, and Oakland is no exception. In fact, it is here that the burgeoning Black Panther Party is heating up. Raised without a mom or dad, more obligation than kin to her aunts and uncles and high-achieving cousins, Geniece is all too eager to shed her family’s “bourgie” influence for the scintillating company of campus radicals in the making—Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale among them.

Generous-hearted and spryly insightful, Virgin Soul maps the passion, ambition, romance, and heartache that propel Geniece to the heights of the revolutionary movement, even as she questions what its politics will accomplish for women like her, or for the two youngsters she and another Panther take under their wings. Combining a comic touch with unflinching powers of observation, Virgin Soul is a moving portrait of a young woman’s life spinning out of the typical and into the extraordinary, offering an unforgettable vista on one of the most politically and racially charged chapters of American life.


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If the Shoe Fits, Go Barefoot

Sofia A. Wellman Sofia A. Wellman

Her self-help book’s premise that “knowing ourselves is the only path to reach our potential as human beings; otherwise our purpose here remains untapped.”
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Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald

Therese Anne Fowler Therese Anne Fowler

Her novel about Zelda Fitzgerald is on The New York Times Best Seller list for hardcover fiction this week.
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D.K. Christi’s Ghost Orchid

D.K. Christi

Blog this week about a time you expanded your limits by getting back to nature.
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