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Red Letter

The Red Letter

Authors of the World Unite! | 21 March 2013

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“I don’t deserve this award. But I have arthritis and I don’t deserve that either.” –Jack Benny

After the Pulitzer committee’s failure to award a prize for fiction in 2012, Stanford writing professor Adam Johnson was awarded the 2013 prize for his novel of North Korea, The Orphan Master’s Son. To celebrate the award and the others being given out this spring, we’d like you to create your own book award, and write about it on your Red Room blog.

Johnson will also be among the nominees on Sunday, May 19th, at what has become one of Red Room’s favorite annual events, the Northern California Book Awards, organized by the terrific nonprofit PoetryFlash. He joins Red Room authors Lemony Snicket a.k.a. Daniel Handler (“Who Could That Be at This Hour”), Lucille Lang Day (Married at Fourteen), Dave Eggers (A Hologram for a King), Tamim Ansary (Games without Rules), Beverley Bie Brahic (translation of Apollinaire’s The Little Auto), and Ashley Wolff (Baby Bear Sees Blue).

This week, please think of a creative, unique “award” you’d like to give a book published in 2012 and post a blog entry about it. “Book I Wish I’d Written and I Resent the Author for it,” “Book That If Everyone Read It Would Change the World for the Better” or “Most Effective Literary Pretention Used to Hide Lack of Plot”? We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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Joyce Jenkins and her colleagues run a precious local institution. Red Room is proud to support them, and we hope you will, too. You can donate to PoetryFlash here; also, nominees have been chosen in part by readers suggested by Red Room editors. If you’d like to be a reader for next year’s awards, please write to us and we’ll connect you with Joyce. And attend the awards ceremony at the public library—it’s free.


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Gina Misiroglu

Executive Editor, Red Room

  (North Korea) is an unverifiable place. But to the fiction writer, the myth, the legend, the fables are all powerful tools to create a psychological portrait.”  
-Adam Johnson, whose novel The Orphan Master’s Son, won the 2013 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.»


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