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The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells

Clover Doves

Adams Belle A Memoir of Love Without Bounds

John Irving

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John Irving
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Len Boswell

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Len Boswell
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Charles Ray

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Charles Ray
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“There Are Only Two Things to Do Every Day”

In my book, I wrote a chapter about my unique writing process. It describes how easy it is for me, how words flow out of my pen like rare honey. It takes reading a few paragraphs before people realize that I'm kidding.

But I'm not just kidding. I'm speaking to every writer who thinks that they have to write every day. Stop it.

Just stop thinking that. Stop talking about it.

Write how and whenever you write.

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Farzana Versey

“Just a Couple of Crows”
by Farzana Versey

That day, as the rains beat hard and swelling rivers formed on low-lying streets, I heard the crow. Caw-caw-caw he went on. He was sitting on the box of the air conditioner that jutted out of the window. The tapping of claws on tin expressed desperation. I parted the curtain and saw this creature shiver as the showers blurred vision. I retracted my instinct to shoo. Where would he go?

Without saying anything, I offered hospitality. The cawing increased. The tapping became louder. I don't expect much from crows, and while social graces can be learned, grace is inherent. In a world where the average rules, it is easy for crows to believe they can be kings. They know they will never get to wear a crown, be acceptable in the company of birds that are more exotic, have melodious voices, larger wings, colourful plumes, furry feathers.

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Terence Clarke

“Richard Diebenkorn: The Berkeley Years”
by Terence Clarke

Those of us who live in California know quite a lot about Richard Diebenkorn. One of the great American artists of the 20th century, Diebenkorn is noted for, among other things, his long sojourns in Berkeley and Santa Monica. His world fame was established once he had begun his exceptional Ocean Park series in 1967, 135 angular abstract paintings of heart-thrilling beauty that he painted in his studio at Main and Ashland Streets in Santa Monica. A current exhibition at The de Young Museum in San Francisco reminds us that Diebenkorn's talent was fully developed much earlier.

Richard Diebenkorn: The Berkeley Years presents many works from the artist's time in Berkeley, where he lived from 1955 to 1966. Here we see large paintings notable for the freedom with which Diebenkorn experiments with color in spectacular ways. As well, the brushwork is so free in its seeming carelessness that the viewer finds himself fascinated by the spread and flow, obstructed and excited, of the paint itself...and of course the deep-felt emotion that the artist so deftly weaves into that paint.

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There's a Babirusa In My Bathtub

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Maxine Schur A note from author
Marcus Sakey

“I am always intrigued by the animals that inhabit our planet, all with different names, sounds, bodies, and habits. Yet, there are so many animals that are little known or even unknown. I know you will enjoy learning about some of these creatures as much as I do. And remember, scientists discover new animals every year!”


Zero Separation

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Zero Separation
by Philip Donlay

After being taken prisoner aboard a stolen jet, an FBI agent and her wrongly accused suspect have only one chance to execute a daring midair rescue. Can they foil an unthinkable and devastating crime that could plunge America into the most heinous conflict since World War II?

Kaua’i Kids in Peace and War

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Kaua’i Kids in Peace and War
by Bill Fernandez

Bill Fernandez tells stories and shares photos from his childhood on a rural Hawaiian island in the 1930s and ‘40s. Simple joys in a community low on money but rich with natural beauty and multicultural connections give way to fear of invasion and wartime dislocation when World War II begins.

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I Never Expected This Good Life

Jennifer Futernick Jennifer Futernick

The author weaves accessible poetry and dramatic stories together in an unusual memoir format. This book relaunches Capra Press, owned once again by its founder, Noel Young.
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The Light in the Ruins

Chris Bohjalian Chris Bohjalian

His newest novel made Oprah Winfrey’s “19 Must-Read Books to Pick Up This August” List.
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Write that Book Already

Write that Book Already Sam Barry

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