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Aug.12.2009 - 11:37 am
<i>Little Zoe . . .</i>
One of the themes of my book, Torn by God: A Family's Struggle with Polygamy, is that people who are in the position of speaking for God are in a position of great power. They get...
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May.16.2009 - 3:54 pm
Zoe Murdock
Zoe Murdock will read and discuss her new novel, Torn by God: A Family's Struggle with Polygamy. The story is a riveting family drama that chronicles the devastation brought upon...
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May.06.2009 - 4:49 pm
Just back from an interview at The Montecito Journal re my book, "Torn by God: A Family's Struggle with Polygamy."  I thought there might be smoke in the air as one of...
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Comments from Zoe

May.09.2009 - 12:19 pm
In response to: Smart Women and Publishing
What struck me as most true in your article was your statement that, ". . . we go about recreating all we know in order...
May.01.2009 - 1:57 pm
Nice start for a new blog. I worry too much - not about what I'll say, but I want to make sure it contributes something...