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It’s a parent’s worst nightmare. Last week, Nora Miller, a junior at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, committed suicide by dousing herself with a flammable liquid and lighting herself on fire at the edge of one of the University’s playing fields. She was discovered early Monday morning with...
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Some people just can’t see the humor in death. Not so the Billboard Liberation Front (BLF). A billboard created by the Final Exit Network (FEN), a controversial right to die organization, was on display for less than a month when it suffered a flash guerrilla attack from the BLF. The billboard,...
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Since joining Facebook last year, I’ve come to realize that there are two basic types of FB users: those who post about politics, the birds in their backyard, the funny things their children say – and those who use FB to sell themselves. This second group, the self-promoters, invariably have a...
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Me and My Two Sisters, France, 1962
I was recently called out on a blog entitled “Mothers of Brothers” for using pseudonyms in my memoir, Imperfect Endings. A blogger named Jennifer (no last name) was bemoaning how all the mommy bloggers out there make up names for their children, post pictures of them with their faces obscured,...
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My mother in 1955
  Mother’s Day was more of a rumor than a reality when I was growing up. I heard friends talk about cards and flowers and going out to brunch but it wasn’t something we did at my house.  It’s not that I didn’t have a mother at home -- I did. But she and my father did not believe in...
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Back in the early 1990’s, Sam, a family friend with Alzheimer’s slipped undetected out the door of his nursing home and wandered into a freezing winter night. He was found the next day, dead from hypothermia, at the edge of a stream. A charming, bright-eyed man who’d never lost his deep southern...
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When my mother was planning how to end her life in 2001, she joined the Hemlock Society and arranged to have one of their “Caring Friends” come to her house. The meeting with Bud, an overweight man in a black suit and bolo tie, is one of the central scenes in my recently published memoir about my...
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One of the most gratifying things about getting Imperfect Endings published has been the opportunity to join the national discussion on assisted suicide and the right-to-die movement. I had the great good fortune of spending an hour on WBUR’s On Point program last month and of talking to...
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In front of my childhood home
Back in rainy Northern Cal after a gorgeous week of spring sunshine on the East coast and am having no problem ignoring the cold and gloom. The truth is, I’m still flying high from being back in my old hometown (Washington D.C.). While the trees weren’t as far along as I’d expected, every bush...
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In two days I’m getting on a plane and flying from San Francisco to Washington D.C., the city where I grew up and where I have regularly returned from the time I was two until my mother’s death in July, 2001. Driving to the airport with my husband and little girls a few days after she died, I...
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The cover of Imperfect Endings
Imperfect Endings has been on the stands for exactly one month today and it’s been a whirlwind of media coverage — a feature in The Washington Post, an hour on WBUR, interviews and reviews — but the most gratifying response has come from the many people who have contacted me through my website to...
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