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How The Mother Daughter Relationship Changes And Evolves

It took crashing the car while texting for my college freshman daughter to start being nice to me again. It happened three weeks into her five-week Christmas vacation, a period characterized by carelessness and defiance on her part and irritation on mine.

From the start, the vacation was a saga of aggravations. There was the brand new sweater I loaned her on New Year's Eve that was left balled up and stained in a corner, the expensive hair conditioner that disappeared from my bathroom only to be found completely empty in hers, the milk that sat on the kitchen table all night, the doors that were left unlocked, the lights that were left burning.

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Terrific post! I know just what you mean about a teenage daughter's being inconsiderate -- mine used up all my expensive perfume and has abused her share of my clothing. She's hostile and rude for no good reason except when she wants something (like money) -- then she's as sweet as can be.

I mentioned this to her boyfriend's mom, who has three sons. "They always foul their nest before they leave it," she said.

Enjoy spring break. And know that she will be back, that wonderful daughter you enjoyed so much through high school. Or so they tell me. ;)