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Horses’ feet stomp their fear;

Stealthily a sleuth stalks without sound.  

Bushes densely hide a cougar near;

The tawny wildcat leaves the ground.

The ambush produces a powerful thrust,

And on the form flying through midair,

Seven years old, a boy fixes his stare:

They hit the dust.

Mother riding the horse nearby

Instantly sizes up the situation.

Leaping to the rescue, she’s willing to die,

Sacrificing herself for her child’s salvation.  

On the murderous intruder Mother pounces;

Someone pulls the boy away.

She wrestles the big cat ounce for ounce;

Her boy lives to rue the awful day.

For two whole hours the mother fought

Before breaking free of the wildcat’s hold,

In a feline fight tragically was she caught:   

A fatal finale dramatically unfolds.

The story starts in Canada’s green hills:

Contented, a mother leisurely rides,

One child accompanying either side.

Good air and thick forest the slopes fill;

Suspecting not, they venture into high country,

A lovely day for a horseback ride.

Hungry hills hide a marauding mountain lion,

Secretly smacking its lips at her small son.

No suggestion uttered the TV report,

Of peril awareness in the mother’s thought, 

Of a concealed creature that would do them ill.  

The picture presents a pastoral scene,

Family, woods, benevolent sun.

Nature’s glory in a setting serene

Depicts people embarking on clean fun.

Happily they set out into nature’s hidden jaw,

And a fight to the death in mortal pain.

The heroine would shortly breathe no more,

As she boldly struggles her son to regain.

In the chronicles of heroic deeds she belongs,

Her braveness a supreme self-sacrificing deed.

As of a bold warrior one would sing her song,

She who perished to rescue in the hour of need.

Death made with life a pact;

A woman leaves a lonely legacy to her child,

Who lives because the moment shaped a selfless act;

Heroism deflected primordial force run wild.

I feel for the boy in his grief;

Presently in sadness his mind is caught. 

Time the Healer, bring his broken heart relief:

At huge price his life was bought.

David Ben Haim, Netanya  5/2/08

Taken from a TV program on, of all things, emotions,

And how they can lead to heroic, selfless acts