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Kalamazoo, Michigan
Cheerily single.
Feb 2008

Zinta Aistars is the published author of three books, founder and editor-in-chief of THE SMOKING POET. She is the creative director at Z Word, LLC, a writing and editing service. Prior to that, Zinta was an editor and writer for LuxEsto, the Kalamazoo College alumni magazine for seven years. Her work has also appeared in the Greater Guide of Southwest Michigan, Kalamazoo Gazette, Southwest Michigan Living, Kindred Spirits Magazine, County Wide News, Daily Mining Gazette, Encore, Welcome Home, and Parade of Homes magazines, and the Latvian newspaper Laiks. She has published poetry, travel essays, stories, and articles in the United States, Latvia, England, Sweden, Germany, and Australia.

Her work also appears on many e-zines - including Xelas Magazine, Cezanne's Carrot, Boston Literary Magazine, Lagos Literary Journal, Amsterdam Scriptum, Outsider Ink, Menda City Review, T-Zero, Megaera Magazine, The Sidewalk's End, Ghoti Fish, Fiction Attic, Saucy Vox, Ash Canyon Review, Flash Me Magazine, Spoiled Ink, 63 Channels, Her Circle Ezine, Ascent Aspirations Magazine, The Redbridge Review, River Walk Journal, Flashquake, milk magazine, The Surface, BookCrossing, Serene Light, Word Riot, Burning Word, The Moon, insolent rudder (quarterly conversations), Bobbing Around, coilMagazine, Poems Niederngasse, The Paper, Poetry Life & Times, QuietPoly Writer's Magazine, Midwest Book Review, Write Sight and others. Her poetry appears in the literary anthology, Persistence of Dreams, compiled by Redbridge Review.



Walking in nature, and along Lake Superior and the Baltic Sea. Aside from that, every moment in life, the glorious and the most painful, the inbetween and daily, all influence what and how I write.

Upcoming Works

Currently at work on a novel, "Closed Doors Open," and editing an anthology of best works published in The Smoking Poet's five years, "Putting on the Dog: The Smoking Poet Celebrates 5."

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Gramatu Draugs, New York, NY; Celinieks, Ann Arbor, MI; Sauleskalns, Grand Rapids, MI. (All Latvian language publishers.)

Interests & Hobbies

Travel, especially in the northern directions, with a regular dose of rustic camping in wilderness. Organic gardening, and the resulting organic cooking and weekly visits to area farmer's markets. Jazz, R&B, classical music. My book club of wise women. Collecting stones and occasionally painting them. Foreign movies (they usually have less violence, fewer car chases, and more story). Very long walks with my old chow pup.