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London UK
Dec 2008

Author/Publisher of Black Success Stories and Success Strategies for Black People and publisher of the More Black Success free ebooks.  

In her work, Zhana  offers practical, effective solutions and methods to help you achieve your goals.  Click here for Zhana's Success Workshops in London

To do this work, she draws on ancient traditions as well as modern methods.

By healing our past, we can move forward into the future we deserve.

Zhana is experienced in metaphysics and traditional Afrikan American ritual, as well as Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) and Creative Communication.

Click here for interviews with Black writers.  These interviews offer practical advice and information.  Please contact Zhana if you are a Black writer who would like to be interviewed for future volumes.  

Click here for some of Zhana's articles and blogs.   

Zhana's ebook What They Don't Want Us to Know is a book for people of African heritage about how to get more of what we want - more of the good things in life.  Click here to get your copy or to download a free chapter on Achieving Success.

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