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So I created a website for my first novel, which went well. I received some interest and had quite a few sign up for my newsletter. Now, it would appear that my second book is the one that will have the most public appeal and so I'm thinking of creating a site for it specifically. As fellow writers, do you find that your website is the best way to promote your work? Do you create pages or specific sites for each book? What have you found works best for publicity?

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They're very handy,

if not indispensible. That's the way people roll nowadays, we expect all information to be on the net. However I think the best way to promote your work is to get out and meet people and talk about it with them.

I made my own website myself, with Seamonkey, which I find very user-friendly. I have a separate page for each book on my website.

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Hi there

I agree with Mr Schmidt, nothing beats personal contact and that website(s) are absolutely indispensable.

My wife, Gina, has a single website with a dual identity to cover her two, very different books. She originally had separate websites, but I believe that after carefully considering the future and the number of new titles she will be adding as time goes by, she felt that a single location from which she could build her internet presence made a lot of sense.

Something else that she wanted me to share with you is that she found that having dedicated blogs very successful. She has three. One for her novel, one for her work on Japanese art and a personal blog. Each has a very specific following. It may seem like overkill to some, but Gina has found it easier than she thought it would be and the results have been excellent. It is definitely worth persevering with

If you want to have a look, just to compare notes, here is the link to her website. Links to her three blogs can be found on her site here.

Using Red Room as a central source of information about you to help you build an internet presence is also a very wise move, imho. A central point for your blogs, reviews, media, events, etc, etc., all on a prestige site, it might be a good extension to your own site. Just an idea. :)

Good luck with your new book!

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I'm busy setting up a website using weebly. Still getting it into shape. I think having different websites for each book you write might be too much hard work. Better to work from a central website that you can update. If people like your first book, they should definitely want to get hold of your second and third and and and... Good luck!

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I know this quote I have

I know this quote I have used as advice over the years works and it is open enough for one to get creative about the point of it: "Everyone and everything will find you if you are findable."

That should be your goal__to be found. The website is the landing page for those people who you have met or gotten out and engaged with to see your work.

There is no right or wrong way when you reach out to give to give with others and over time it will be time well spent because you will have true friends who will buy your books and refer them to others and review them.

Your job is to be online making friends and give people a chance to get to know you and over time__repeating myself here__you will have others talking about you. Nothing is better than a third party talking about you than you taking about yourself.

So as for the website it makes you findable. Yes? So does a blog where you can interact with readers that leave comments and that makes friends right? And you get the picture I believe.

Good question and I hope my answerer helps others.

Michael Pokocky