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World Horror Convention 2011 Schedule! (or the Pathetically Fast Blog Post)
Concrete Savior

Yes, it's the night before we leave for World Horror 2011 in Austin, Texas.  No, I'm not finished packing.  Yes, I still have to wash my hair.  Yes, I've broken down and accepted a glass of wine.  Yes, I am now resorting to copying and pasting.  And yes, I'm probably doomed.

But before the end comes, let me just put this here:

If you're in Austin this weekend, my WHC2011 schedule is now posted on www.yvonnenavarro.com. It will cover the first ever public reading from CONCRETE SAVIOR on Friday at 10 AM!

Back to it.  Clone, anyone?  I could use two, but I can't take the time for them to grow up and learn.  They must be like a pop-up book.  Open it and, as Emerill says, "BAM!"