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Sedona, the movie review

If you get a chance, go see Sedona now out in theatres  Not only does it have spectacular views of the red rocks we all know and love, it also has great actors, a sound track worth buying, and a decent plot. 

Few people live in or visit Sedona, the town, without hearing about or experiencing what are referred to as “Sedona moments,” and there are those aplenty in this film, fostered for the most part by an intuitive—Deb (played by Beth Grant, a character actor you’ve probably seen in movies such as No Country for Old Men or Little Miss Sunshine) and a loveable crazy who’s more in tune with the universe than most of us (played by Lin Shaye of There’s Something About Mary and Snakes on a Plane).

While inadvertently traveling through Sedona, the main character, Tammy (played by Francis Fisher of Titanic fame, mother of the Kate Winslet character), learns rather abruptly, how to slow down and let the universe open her eyes to the miracles she’s spent her whole life racing right past.  There’s also an adorable little lost boy to be rescued and lots of location drama that those of us who live in Sedona will appreciate more than most.

If you don’t get out to the theatre, be sure to put this movie on your Netflix queue or catch it when it comes out on TV or DVD.  The cinematography alone is worth your time.