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Will New York Celebrate "Al Qaeda Terrorists Month"?

If Virginia will celebrate "Confederate History Month," then it's ok for New York to celebrate" Al Qaeda Terrorists Month."  After all, both the Confederacy and Al Qaeda attacked the United States of America.  Both groups hoped to stand up for their radical beliefs, the Confederacy for slavery, Al Qaeda for their radical form of Islam and their own brand of terrorism. 

But the Rebs were Americans while Al Qaeda are not, you argue.  Some members of Al Qaeda are Americans, too.  Shouldn't their sacrifice for their cause be honored just as Virginia will honor their traitorous terrorists?

Osama bin Laden, you insist, is a horrible terrorist hiding in a cave while the great Gen. Robert E. Lee was given amnesty for his slaughter of tens of thousands of U. S. citizens,  thousands upon thousands more U. S. citizens than those killed by Osama's ragtag band, and a statue of him sits astride his honorable horse in many a Southern state capital.

Good point!  Had Robert E. Lee and his fellow insurrectionists been sent to a nineteenth-century Gitmo rather than slapped gently on their  hands, perhaps we would not today -- one hundred forty-five years later -- still be revisiting the issues of the Civil War.  Ol' Virginie would not still be terrorizing it black citizens by celebrating their ancestors' slavemasters and traitors to their country -- our country.  Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann would not still be rallying radical groups who continue to make racial superiority assertions and talk of "secession."