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The Power of Peace

The word peace sounds so gentle, yet peace itself--its true meaning--is powerful.  History so often is taught in terms of war.  When was the 100 Years War?  Who were allies in World War II?  In fact, history could be taught as war itself, as I'm sure someone was fighting someone else somewhere at any given time in history.  Peace, then, seems to be more a state within oneself and between oneself and others we interact with.  Given this location of peace, it can become a permanent state of being, inevitable if one chooses.  The person at war with me will find no opponent, for I choose peace.  Why?  Because I have decided to follow in the footsteps of the great souls such as Jesus, Gandhi, and King--leaders who blazed a path of peace for those who choose to turn their hearts in that direction.

I have known and seen violence.  Knowing and seeing violence does not force me to become violent.  It forces me to become even more focused on peace.  In that focus, I remember that peace is more powerful than violence, more powerful than weapons.  In fact, weapons--including the greatest weapons of mass destruction--were created using the most peaceful of methods, pen and paper.  I used to tell my students that the creator of weapons is more powerful than the weapon itself.  Therefore the pen is mightier than the sword.  Someone chose to use that peaceful device, the pen, to design weapons of war.  Awareness of the power of creation allows us to create what we will.  I choose to create peace within myself and between myself and others.  I use my pen (and now my keyboard) to tell stories, to write blogs, to inform whoever will listen that peace is inevitable if we so choose. 

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Powerful, indeed!

Dear Yuma,

I LOVE your essay on "The Power of Peace" It truly says it all! Especially: "the pen is mightier than the sword". I, too, use my pen and keyboard; "to tell stories, to write blogs, to inform whoever will listen that peace is inevitable if we so choose."

Absolutely a most powerful and beautiful explanation that I will keep:-)

Thank you very, very much!

Catherine Nagle

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Thanks so much for your response to my post.  Your kind words of encouragement refuel my passion to share my thoughts and maintain my inner peace.  Thanks again.


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Yuma, You have captured

You have captured peace so powerfully in your blog. You've said so much in this compact space—digestible, and right to the crux.

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Encouraging Words


It was good to hear from you again and to know you appreciate what I tried to say.  Thanks so much for your comments.