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Last Night's Dream

In my dream last night, I was back in the classroom (I’m a retired high school and middle school teacher) having difficulty with a couple of naughty children.  Every time I would open my mouth to speak, one or the other would make a whistling sound, thus taking the class’ attention away from the important lesson at hand.  Sometimes they would let me get almost to the critical “teachable moment,” then begin the whistling again, followed by giggles from classmates.


When I awoke, I immediately thought of how President Obama is in the same frustrating nightmare, with adults in government, in the press, and among the citizenry behaving like naughty children, and for the same reasons:  to draw attention toward themselves and away from our pressing needs.  As soldiers are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan and their families grieving, naughty child-like adults are whistling about birth certificates and silly conspiracies.  As uninsured Americans are dying for fear of the costs of going to the doctor for a check-up, naughty child-like adults are making signs depicting Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama as characters in silly movies meant purely for entertainment while fellow citizen titter about the “good joke.”


While Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda were plotting 9/11, naughty child-like adults – for months on end -- were directing the Clinton administration’s attention away for their jobs of protecting the country and redirecting it, almost full-time, toward frivolous impeachment proceedings.  Have Ken Starr and company ever been called into the principal’s office and made to apologize for disrupting the country during the rising threat of terrorism? 


The two naughty students in my frustrating dream can be forgiven.  They were, after all, middle schoolers.  Someone, however, should have to pay if our swelling population of naughty child-like adults continues to undermine the function of government thereby putting our citizens’ lives at risk.   

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I just finished reading

I just finished reading "Idiot America," by Charles Pierce; it deals with this same subject (but not nearly so politely). It sure looks like the inmates are in charge of the asylum these days. . . .