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Notwithstanding your political views, what is happening in town hall meetings across our country exemplifies the worst in human interaction. What happened to the question-answer colloquies that allow each side to be heard? They appear to have been supplanted with free-for-all gatherings, where one...
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As I stood in line the other day watching a parent shell out money for school supplies, while her child’s thumbs glided over a cell phone faster than I could see, the thought occurred me: if my children where about to begin another school year, would I let them go, or keep them at home and teach...
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A Writer‘s Block Here’s another morning with the same problem to consider. It’s all about ideas from dreams last night and what to write. Are my impressions just ego whims or good stuff to pen? Questions like those give me a stomach ache. Blast it, too early for a break. Okay, last week I wrote a...
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Who versus Whom? After eight years of let’s say less than standard English, perhaps now is the time to consider a word that is never spoken by one whom many may take only a few years to forget. Without wishing to sound the least bit pedantic, but if I do,  then please blame it on my age, because...
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