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I Am Woman

I am woman  protector of the universe of all things ever created nurtured by my own mothers milk shoulders slightly worn but skin like silk Back bent from carrying groceries and babiesand problems and issues and secrets and desires and your stuff, his stuff and her stuff Holding in passion Holding in my attitudes Listening to opinions of moms & dads, husbands and children and aunts and uncles and grandpa’s & grandma’s and girlfriends and boyfriends and babies daddy’s and even mr. right nows, all with opinions to offer,criticism to give,but nobody’s there at 2 in the morning to rock me to sleep, to wipe my tears, to listen to my dreams and desires and problems All talk All talk All talk  I am woman I walk my talk I talk my walk I talk to God who is my opinion seekerYou see I am womanI can do what it takes  I am God’s childI am what we all are We are womanWe are grace and sensitivity and skill  I am woman  I am Delilah who can whisper sweet nothings in your ear and can make you say things you never thought you would sayI am Hagar who can create life even when unexpected and am Sarah who can take it back  I am Bathsheba who was taken by a man but only loved one I am Eve temptress personified The diva of excuses “it wasn’t me!!” I am Mrs. Lot who learned that knowing all can preserve your body but not your lifeI am I am Deborah prophetess, organizer, ruler of armies and PTA and play dates and doctor appointments and your calendar and PG&E, CABLE AND CAR NOTE Bills and and laundry and dinner and dishes and even when tired making love at 12 midnight because at least this way I can get you to put gas in the car – ruler of all things Deborah  I am Jael who quietly watches and doles out justice as she sees fit I am Naomi possessor of wisdom and patience that comes only with ageI am Ruth righteously giving homage to my elders and in so doing living in obedience to the Lord You see He will provide the desires of your heart I am Rebekah and Dinah and Leah and Ataliyah and Filipah and Bulhah and RachaelAll wrapped up into oneI am woman I believe that if He put their names in His book they are  meant to be readI believe he put these thoughts in my head to put to paper to deliver this message All woman mentioned are importantYes we are Learn the lessons written my sister Learn them I am, I am Mary’s inner childYou see my bent is back up against the wallSupported by Him who, knows that even a bent back can be restoredI touched his garment and He stopped my flow I am the one no one knows no one hears no one sees I am your inner woman  I am woman supported by legs shaped specifically for me to carrySpacious derriere and hips to support the bent backKnees to support the thighs All supported by calves and feet pedicured to show you and me that I may be down but I ain’t out!I am woman He wrote softly my name, my life in the sandHe wrote softly and gently and as he wrote I became Un bent, un crooked , straightHe blew on me and on the sand The breath of life of forgiveness of  love and He rocked me to sleep at nightI am woman I am God’s child.