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True Love

As I sat on the side of her bed performing our nightly ritual of saying prayers and singing our song, my daughter reached up and grabbed my neck and gave me a big ole' kiss. She told me that she loved me sooo much and then she said I don't want you to die. I said I don't either. Then she said if you die I want to die too. I smiled. My heart ached with love.

I know what that kind of longing feels like and understand the sentiment. To love anyone to the degree that you would rather go where they go and leave when they leave is just an example of the kind of love that exists not only between a parent and a child also between our God and our selves. Unconditionally present. When he tells me that he loves me and wants to continue on this journey with me, I smiled. My heart ached with love. Whether it be your child, in this case my daughter, your sweetie or your God, true love cannot be measured in word and deed it speaks best in action.

Yolande Barial