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Today was the favorite day of the week for me Sunday and it has been since June 14th that I have had even a minute to sit down and write just because. This kind of writing is just for me and it feeds me. I find when I am unable to function in this capacity I get a little weak. I begin to hear the thoughts in my head and they get louder and louder until my fingers begin to touch the keys.

My children's summer began with them enjoying the first week just relaxing. Now it is almost every day that there is so much going on that I don't even get the downtime my mind needs. I have to take it when I can. My sons, if not at a game, are practicing for a game or a track meet. My daughter's gymnastics class and girl scouts have ramped up and now add to it her social calendar of visits with her friends, playing and writing - she is me incarnate. I see her and I see me. No one has to tell me that she reminds them of me because even she reminds me of me. My relationship with my sweetie continues to heighten and sharpen memories of times past and plans for the future make the time spent that much more special. Not to be too teenage crushy but he lights my fire and expands my mind. He is good for me and I for him.

As each day passes and as the news continues to blast out every negative thing that could have ever happened in the world every minute of the day I continually remind myself that I am blessed. I continue to thank Him for allowing me the ability to thank Him and to see that time is precious. While here on this side of the universe I want to be a presence in my children's, my friends, my sweetie and my family's memory that says be thankful and enjoy. Time waits for no one and no 1 time is waiting for me. Each second is to be praised. Each child is to be squeezed and kissed and hugged and told I love you each and every day and sometimes twice. If you are in a relationship as I am give it all you got. Celebrate the together time and appreciate the alone time. Pass no judgement that can never be forgotten. Speak the truth with compassion. Love your life and love the time you spend with your friends and family - tell them you love them. As I sit in my quiet place in my corner of the bed, covers pulled, fan blowing directly on me even with the air condition on - I flash. My body gets warm from the inside out and it lets me know that my time is drawing nigh. Not tomorrow nor the next day however it is coming. Thanks for reading what I have to write and listening when I jump up on my soap box and enjoying our time together in our minds.

Yolande Barial

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