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Special Girl

  My daughter is fabulous. I came home this evening and she told me to go upstairs because she had a surprise for me. I did as I was told and there in the middle of my bed was an envelope. My daughter writes when she is happy and when she is sad and when she is going through depretion (her spelling of depression). Her depression happens when she has no one to play with or she does not get that toy or that journal that she just hadtohave. The note read: “I know I didn’t get you anything for Christmas but I hope this is good enough for you. And I hope you can forgive me. But this isn’t like the others it is from deep inside my heart!” And then she drew a picture of herself waving to me and in the caption it reads “Hi mom love you so much xoxoxoxoxo” with a sun shining and 2 flowers. Jealous? There were 3 drawings that she drew just for me. I know she is only 10 and I understand that her hormones will kick in soon and according to everyone else she is going to begin to not like me. Wellll, I choose not to believe that. My boys are good kids and my daughter is also.

I think my special girl is motivated by something deep inside of her that makes her unique. I believe that in time she may have moments when she thinks that she can take me, but she will always respect me and test she may, but my testimony is stronger.

To come home after working a full day, being mom taxi for a soccer player and a basketball player and a gymnast, cooking dinner, doing math homework – my surprise written with love was the best of the best. She is my special girl and the reason that retiring at 55 is a must. She’ll be 14 and I’ll be able to be there for her and for the rest of the best of my life.