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The best time to eat a holiday dinner is the next day and the day after that. One of the things about seasoning is that the longer it sits it marinates and makes whatever it is taste better. There is nothing like a roast beef, ham or turkey sandwich the day after Christmas. Wrap your taste buds around a bowl of spaghetti, smothered chicken and rice, and peach cobbler after the sauces have combined to make your mouth water and want more. The seasonings can consist of salt, pepper, garlic, Tabasco, cinnamon, nutmeg, cilantro, cumin, steak sauce, all spice, basil; the list goes on and on and yet the combination of some if not all of these blend to create some kind of chemical reaction that just makes the food taste better the next day. As Ricky Ricardo use to say 'i can't esplain it Lucy'.... it just tastes better.

This same principal holds true in life. As we grow older we become seasoned. Our experiences are the salt and pepper of our lives. The combination of joy, happiness, fear, triumph, defeat, embarrassment, regret, pain, surprise, elation, sorrow, disappointment, peace, determination each create a lesson that once learned stays with you forever and becomes such a part of our bodies and minds. The things that bothered us no longer do and the things that bother us now don't bother us as long. We have marinated in our own juices and realize with age that life just gets better. The ability to have our lives take time - is a blessing. There has been a great deal of pain that I have encountered; some of my own making and some others have dumped upon me. With each infliction of pain I knew deep down that this too shall pass. With each accolade spoken about something I have written, said or performed I knew that even this too shall pass. These seasoned moments teach me that it only gets better. I savor each experience as that flavor that I can't put my taste buds around - what is that that tastes so good? Hmmmm I don't know; I just know that I know that it tastes good and soon I will remember what it is and have one of those moments where the answer just bursts out of my mouth.

To me, that is what each day is supposed to be. An explosion of flavors that excite and entice and create in you a desire to want more, to share more and to be more. Retiring at 55 - soon and very soon and that is a good thing.