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My oldest is graduating from high school this year. Tonight I attended the senior parent night informational meeting at his school. The subject was applying for college and all of the steps that parents and kids together need to take to begin the application process. As I listened to the counselor I was overwhelmed. I was taking notes and jotting down in my calendar the important dates that I have to remember. I was also a little miffed that here I am doing this without benefit of their father. The man refuses to participate in any regular and consistent fashion with his time and with his knowledge. My children are fatherless on purpose. Their father is not far, he just chooses to not want to be a part of their lives. Whether that be to get back at me or not, I can only speculate. The children are going to suffer in the long run, the children will suffer.

As he does all the right things necessary to graduate he stands about 5'8" and he is a good boy. How will I get all of the money to help to even apply? The same way that I have always accomplished the impossible. But through the grace of God and with his guidance and push/pull I know my son will get accepted into a 4 year university or college. He is a Senior after all and he is loving it!

I on the other hand might have a meltdown and then after I recover, I will jump right back on the horse. Ain't God good!

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My mother brought me up

My mother brought me up without a father, and without money.  I saw her struggle.  God give you strength, Yolande.

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Thank you

Just wanted to say thanks.  And yes, God does indeed provide!!

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Go Yolande!

Yes, and he will graduate again.  Because of you.  Four-year schools are great, but so are many community colleges that offer the first two years of college work for much less money. He can learn anywhere he goes.  It is up to him, and it sounds like he is that kind of student. "Loving it" is how I know what kind of young man he is.  Aren't you proud?  If you save money on the first two years, you can use it to help him in grad school if need be.