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School is Out

When I came home from the office today I was bone tired. I stayed up way too late last night organizing myself and watching mindless tv and enjoying the evening. When I awoke I was jazzed, had a productive day at work and yet around 3 pm I had hit my wall. If I could have crawled into somebody’s bed and gone to sleep I would have. One of the many things that happens as we age is the metabolism slows down, the body begins to change and things that you use to be able to suck in won’t stay in and just watching this metamorphosis is tiring. The body slows down but the mind does not. There are so many things that I wish that I could accomplish in one day but find I cannot. At least the things that I want to accomplish and not all of the many mommy things that I do. Tomorrow is the last day of school. I am more excited than the kids. At least for a few months I can get up without nudging and begging children to get up, without hearing I am tired and okaaayyyy, without watching kids moving in slow motion up and down the stairs and without having to drive in anticipation of three phone calls to let me know they made it to their schools on time and intact. At least for a few months they can just chill out and eat me out of house and home, have their friends over, go to summer camps and play summer sports, sleep in and stay up late and just enjoy being kids. I can enjoy being a woman getting ready to go to the office with a clear mind and a relaxed demeanor. Sitting in traffice reminds me to slow it down. It reminds me that life is around me constantly. How I handle the traffic jams, the cars darting in and around me, the honking and the flipping off, the off color epithets and the furrowed brows – each time I handle with a smile and a sincere attititude of what did I do, I am alright. I choose to run my course and drive smoothly with as little as interruptions as necessary. Driving to work after the kids are out of school is a good thing. Retiring at 55 is even better.