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I woke  up this morning thinking my son loves basketball and basketball loves him.  At every spare moment in my thoughts I said this statement.  I asked that my son be given patience as thinking and speaking positive sometimes takes a while to manifest.  When I called him today from  the office, I asked him what was his mantra.  He said I love basketball and basketball loves me. He then added that I am a good player and the coach does not define me.

I smiled.  When he came home this evening from the game I asked him how was the game.  He said they lost by 10; however, he played the end of the 3rd and all of the 4th quarter.  He then added that he proved that he could do it if he played longer than 5 minutes and he helped to bring the team within the 10 points of the lead.  He was pumped.  He got his mojo back!!!!   I smiled, gave him a kiss, and slowly put up one finger and pointed to his head and said I had no idea that that would happen so fast.  He just wanted to play and he did. He felt real good and I was mo' better.  He was good because he visioned himself in love with the game that loves him. He drew the basketball to him and that is all I wanted to happen.  I want him to know that despite what others may think about you, you have to love you first. 

Thanks God.  He got it.  I did too.

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Hey Yolande

Your son is blessed to have his mother behind him. I know that in school I had a similar experience with volleyball. You wonder the wisdom of coaches sometimes. "He then added that he proved that he could do it if he played longer than 5 minutes and he helped to bring the team within the 10 points of the lead." Glad he got a chance to prove himself.

Happy New Year