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I spent the evening with my pretend best friend Oprah. I record the shows that come on that I want to see. And when I have down time I watch them. Tonight I watched the interview she had with Carrie Underwood and towards the end of the interview her husband came into the room. I was struck by Carrie's calm demeanor and self assurance. She spoke about how she can be on stage for 90 minutes and come off and not remember anything. Now that sounds crazy, but it is true. I can relate. When I am functioning in my space, my grace, my time - nothing can hold me back. I would add that nothing can hold you back. Oprah to me is the epitome of what you can do if you just believe. She believed in herself. She gave action to her thoughts and in so doing that action created a movement in the direction that her mind saw her moving. She always tells the story about when she was a little girl outside in the yard with her grandmother as she hung clothes on the line to dry and how she knew that that was not going to be her lot in life.

There are so many people who believe they are destined to do something and yet never do. They allow others to get into their heads and tell them what they want to do, be or have is not possible. The not possible-ness of the thing comes from that person who speaks negative about your dream, remembering all of the things they had wanted to do and never got to do themselves. They put their circumstances into your mind and if you allow it, it will stay and grow and soon become your reality. We have to surround ourselves constantly with people whose movement is forward. If not, our growth will become stagnate. If our growth becomes stagnate; we create no movement in those whose very lives depend on our ability to make a move.

Our children need to know that what they believe they can achieve. I look to Oprah and to Obama and to my grandmother and your father and brother or sister as guides; that what you believe you can achieve if you take action to propel you in some forward looking direction.

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What's reality?

They put their circumstances into your mind and if you allow it, it will stay and grow and soon become your reality. 

Oh, Yolande, that is so painfully true. How good of you to express that wisdom. Let's hope that someone who needs to read it reads it. And maybe it will be passed on.

Aim for your heart's desire and be willing to work hard for it.

Yes, all things are possible with God.