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Obama Let's Vote ya'll

All I have to say is Vote. Vote. Vote and VOTE!!!

I have become transfixed with the goings on of politicians and the media. MSNBC, CNN, Network Television and Fox have become some of my bestest friends. Here I am able to take a look at grown, so called smart folks; telling me what I should and should not have understood about what I just heard. I agree that the country is not where it should be and yet who in their right mind thinks that anyone can come into a new organization and immediately every facet of that organization changes. I have been working most of my adult like and I can say that never, ever, ever have I seen that happen. There is always someone that thinks they know better and depending on their seniority and their own beliefs about who they think they are and who they think you are, there will be no changing here mister! We have been doing it this way since I have been here and by gosh, nothing is going to change.

Now, take all of this deep entrenchment in individual elbow shoving and add the color factor and the social and political commentators have simply lost their minds. How many ways can you spin the story? As I was watching Fox, they were playing sound bites of some of the statements that our President Obama spoke while he was campaigning in 2008! Yes his dreaming voice took over and his belief that compromise across the aisles is evident in his speeches. However, one cannot compare and then highlight a dream as a fact and a desire as a basis of constant criticism and comparison. The flip side of our President in all aspects comes Romney and now Ryan. Two men who have allowed their handlers to co-opt who they really are on the inside.

If theRepublicans would have sat back and remembered what happened to McCain once Palin came on board, they should have been able to draw comparisons and realize that we have to embrace the man that we choose as his own man. We can not change the man for the party. The man has to be the people. When McCain stepped out from behind his people, I know deep down in his heart he knew that he had given some of who he was away for the party. Romney will do the same. I am not a big fan of Ryan and all I can say there is no real reason. Like some of the old folks which I have now become say, there is something about that boy that I just don’t trust and I can’t wrap my hands around it.

Obama is a thinker, a reader, a trend setter , a trail blazer, a God fearing man and a man who incorporates the actual word “scripture” in his speeches. All of us should Vote. If not for ourselves but for our children and their children. As grown folks, we have really messed up the future pretty doggone bad for all of our children. Let’s continue on this upward trajectory and move Forward to continue re-building this country instead of taking it back to the abyss of certain destruction. Let’s not be like crabs in the bucket pulling everyone down – let’s help each one out of the bucket and this does mean allowing someone else to climb to the top first and then they must reach back and get the next one out.