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My Mission Statement

ow about this for a mission statement? "Yolande Barial is an inspirational and spiritual writer and poet. Her life-long journey is to encourage and empower all sisters, young and seasoned, to become on-purpose. She uses her unique voice to express the reality that all things are possible with God. "


After going through the charities of a few of the people that I think are about the business of empowering girls to develop confidence, and in the business of encouraging and empowering all people to change their lives from their insides out I came up with my statement.  The wonderful thing that I have found as I continue along my journey in my workbook, is that there are so many things that I have to learn and that I want to learn about on how to become a better woman and mother.  This book is allowing my mind to take a look at the same thing from a different perspective. For example, I have always admired Oprah because of all the good that she appears to do on television when she helps the average josie blow by giving the entire audience something and they all clap, cry and hug.  What I found by checking into www.looktothestars.org she is affiliated with many different organizations however they all have in common empowering people to live better lives. She has lived her life out loud by being in front of us for googobs of years and all of her weaknesses and embarrasments have been revealed.  I know that some of it had to bother her howeer, as she has gotten older and become more confident with who she is tou can visibly see the confidence in her increase. Mary J. Blige has created her own organization FFAWN, Foundation For Advancement of Women Now. She seeks through this organization to gain confidence and skills to reach their full potential.  She is also a woman who I have seen a transformation from her insides out and you can see it in her body and hear it in her voice.  There is a light of confidence ion her that began manifesting itself about 5 years ago and it is a beautiful thing to see,. TD Jakes is a man that knows how to teach, preach and just when to add the pressure and when to back off as far as giving an empowering message to a stadium of people - he is the man.  I have always strived to not get too close to the preacher because it always blurs his message as far as I am concerned I really do not want to know his business! The words he speaks have caused me to think how to become a better woman. There is a confidence that I feel that I will retire at 55 and be able to sit on my bedroom, laptop on my lap, journal on my right and remote control just waiting for me to touch it.  Life is good.

Yolande Barial

Walk with me on a life of spiritual inspiration.