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There is a saying that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Some years ago Moses was pushed into leading the people out of Israel. He had this passion and this move to change the peoples lives. Moses' people were the Egyptians, Obama's people are Americans. The Egyptians had lived in a place where they had no control over their environment. We live in a place where we do have some control. After leaving their terrible environment with all of their possessions they soon began to long for where they came from. As I look around, I see the same here in these United States; we long for some kind of past days of what we remember was good; when in reality, it just seemed that it was. We are always more afraid of the unknown than the known. As a people, we long for days gone by even when we know those days gone by were not the best. The ability to remember a thing as real that never really happened is an aspect of the human brain that I think allows us to creatively dream and often times sleepwalk through our existences. Collectively as inhabitants of earth and individually as parts of the society and the environment where we happen to live, we dream. Obama's call to the country in his first term was to believe that We Can and now he is asking us to move Forward.

The Egyptians walked out of slavery and into the Promised Land based on Moses' urging to trust in the Great I Am and go into a land flowing with milk and honey. As times got harder, the desert grew more parched and water ran sparingly; the Great I Am provided the nourishment that was needed to sustain them. Their clothes and their shoes managed to make it through hard times and harder environs until they arrived at a place of rest; a place of peace. The journey from slavery to almost freedom held the Egyptians together in a closeness that allowed them to embrace the warmth of security found in each others shared suffering. As we have walked with our President through these last four years as a country, we rode the wave of his inner strength as he sustained us with stimulus, saving of the auto industry, extension of unemployment, health care, abolishing Bin Laden, enhancing the United States' image across the globe and finally to a place of rest. A place where the next thing that has to be done we have to do it. We have to now step out on faith and believe that we can. The Egyptians have been shown the way, they knew the way, collectively they had survived and yet when allowed to rest and to celebrate each others strength they allowed the shared vision to lapse into one of individual "I Am-ness". Developing idols and listening to fools, dressed up as royalty, their lack of an identifiable savior caused them to falter. They began to listen to that little still small voice on their shoulder tell them that the savior is not coming back; he has abandoned you and at least when you lived back in Egypt you had someone to take care of you; even if that existence was poor. As the Egyptians like them the Americans began to listen to those who dressed in suits and talked from million dollar homes and offices, private jets, expense accounts, health care benefits and healthy pensions and retirements whisper in the Americans ear and say that what is happening now to sustain you is not enough. Obama is not coming back and he has left the Americans. These dressed up fools speak much and say nothing. Wisdom must have an anchor of character or it has nothing - it speaks with foolish mind and more foolish thoughts. American begin to harken back to the days of Bush, Jr. longing for the time when at least we almost kinda' had security and at least even though we couldn't pay the mortgage - that was increasing exponentially, at least we had a house. Instead of moving forward and remembering that 'we can'; we cower and mutter and wish for the dirt floor where we lay.

OBAMA is our President. He is not our God. Our God has and will always provide. He provides for the great as well as the not so great, the rich and the poor, the wise and the foolish, the haves and the have nots, the givers and the takers, those with character and those without, the good, the bad and the ugly...Our God provides. Our President; this President stands on scripture and on the backs of those both black and white who loved him but were not quite sure how to like him. A man who has lived in two worlds and yet has been forced to identify with one on a public scale. Our President is emotional, he gets mad when he has to and he speaks with one mind.

Our President has indeed given us the believe and has put the world on notice that those who reside in these United States can do anything. We can move forward into the dream of tomorrow knowing that tomorrow is in the past and the future holds much promise. As a country if we do not move forward, our children's children will go around their desert another 40 years until they get to the other side.