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Mermaid Tail

My daughter called me at work today to ask me if I had looked at the Mermaid Tail. I told her that I had not. I faintly remember her telling me that she wanted to get a mermaid tail. My brain was somewhere else, which means I really wasn't listening and I just said okay. I should have realized this okay was going to come back to me. So, today I decided to look it up and see what she is talking about.Well it turns out you can buy a mermaid tail. Yep a real mermaid tail that girls and women slip on and swim in or just lounge around and look mermaid-ish. The one that she wants costs $43.00. It is green and silver gleaming like a fish. And it can be purchased on ebay.

While I was looking at it, my boss came by my office and I showed it to him.He said that when his daughter was a little girl she had a mermaid tail also. His daughter is in her late 20's. So, I am on the real late show. Mermaid Tail's have been around for quite some time.

My daughter is something else.