where the writers are
July 14, 2012

I found myself sitting on the dias with women who have published books and have been doing this writing thing as a profession for many many years and I was humbled. Humbled and honored to be able to sit at their feet and learn just what it takes to become published and to push on through the rejection knowing that just ’round the corner there is a ‘maybe’ which, which can lead to a ‘yes’. As I reflected all the week before on just what was I gonna say I knew somewhere in my 15 minutes there would be talk of God, there would be talk of saying yes and there will be talk of just simply asking the question.

As I continue to go through my day to days I am humbled by the many times when I have been asked too do something creative that is out of my realm I say yes. I say yes only after checking in my mind or my calendar if the kids have something that must be done by me at that time and if not, I am all in. I have found myself submitting a poem for publication and it was published, I have found myself writing and presenting the homily for two church services, I find myself helping with a choir or a play and organizing a ski trip for a busload of kids – each thing has been something that I have learned how to do by doing it.

This is how I found myself asked to be on this panel discussion of writers. Never having done it before I was excited. As the room filled with people, I was not nervous. I knew the message that I wanted to deliver and I presented in my way. Shortly into my 15 minutes, I found my mouth totally went dry and I could not speak – I guess I was nervous or at least my body was nervous – my mind was not. After a few sips of water I am back. As I spoke about my experiences in the realm of becoming a columnist I could see that people were really listening and enjoying me and perhaps someone there got a nugget to take home. I know for me the take away is that whatever spirit moves you to do, you need to do it then. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone and your chance for this thing might never come again. Seize the day and the momentum of the day and remember that July 14, 2012 was last week and now we are in another day. Think fast.