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Jordan Davis

This is the longest I have ever been away. Almost a month now and I am a witness to how time flies. The last month has been exhausting to say the least. Every night when I crawl into bed my brain has thoughts of events of the day and what I should do. What I should do is to always write. I needed to get up and grab my laptop and rant and rave about something. So, what better thing than about children. In particular black little boys.

It happened again in Florida. Another teenage boy was shot and killed for apparently no real reason. His name was Jordan Davis. He was preceded in death by another gunshot victim, Trayvon Martin. The circumstance in both of these two cases are totally separate - one was walking in a neighborhood where he was perceived as wrong and the other was listening to music was too loud and that was perceived as wrong. The unifying factors in both fatal shootings are that it happened in Florida, the young men were 17 years old, both were black and both were shot by men who were much older than them and white. Trayvon's murderer was not arrested right away, Jordan's was arrested that day. I believe had Trayvon not been shot and killed this second Florida fatality would have experience similar situations. What is it about our little black boys that big white man find so intimidating? It can't be that they are just black, there has to be something deeper. Could it be that these men harbor some kind of deep seated hatred of those that are different that they are unable to see that the differences are good and not bad. Or perhaps it is the fact that the gun was so easy to get and allows some to feel that they are better than anyone in this situation. Or could it be a combination of the two: feeling in control vs. not wanting any control. Or is their some superiority inherent in the white male that makes him believe that it is always gonna be his way or if you take the highway. I don't know. What I do know for sure is that our children; in particular, our boys live in a society and in a time where death is a matter of fact. By the time I am 55 and retired, I hope to be able to impart my opinions or views on these unnecessary and tragic deaths.