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Hump Day

Today is Wednesday which is the day before Thursday and the day after Tuesday - hump day. It is the day that lets you know that the work week is almost over. Friday is just around the corner and a somewhat slower pace is coming. This pace for mom taxi just means that you don't have to get up early and go to work, it just means that you don't have to get up quite as early and go to a job that pays you but you still may have to get up. Not going to work is a bonus. And why is Wednesday called a hump day anyway? Is it because the letter "w" has 2 humps in it if you turn the "w" upside down? Today I overslept and yesterday I overslept. Tired from being all things to everyone my body just could not arise to the occasion of going to work. - at least arise at the normal 4:30 a.m. Once in the office I worked - non-stop and productive. Focusing on the task at hand, reminding myself that soon and very soon the days of having to be all things to everyone will diminish and what I have left will be of my own making.

I have a quotation in my office that says" Never Allow Someone To Be Your Priority Who Has Made You Their Option." I have seen it for years and yet today I think I got it. I got it at work, I got it at home, I got it with friends, I got it with co-workers, I got it with family and I got it with myself. My children sustain and uplift and will always be my priority and in this little quotation they have never made me their option. There are times when the pull to prioritize and to make room for others appears to take over and those who are put in the seat of honor, the others, forget that someone placed them there because they want them to be a priority. On this hump day and this few more days after Christmas and before 2012 the prioritizer must become the prioritized. In order to move to the next phase to retire at 55 being an option is not an option.