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Haiti on the backburner?

Well Haiti is now further on the backburner. Some good meaning folks went over there and tried to take some Haitian children (orhpans?); never minding that at least one of the children said she had parents.  They were bringing them to a better life.

Sarah Palin, while in an interview, had written notes in the palm of her hand. Yep she had a cheat sheet in her hand that she actually referred to for answering a question!  Some other famous news guy who had been caught  cheating once before was caught cheating again with a 20 something year old and this time he goes into rehab.  Yep he is a sex addict, like Tiger?  This rehab is in Missississippi. I think Tiger is getting out.

The SuperBowl winners were the New Orleans Saints and Bourbon Street erupted in cheers.  Many people in New Orleans and in the surroundiung states still do not have houses - they are still living in trailers. Remember Katrina?  Instead of solving real problems, like our President is trying to do, we fight without any solutions and we distract with nonsense news.  Oh and after goo gobs of years of  Toyota making some pretty doggone good cars now they are having problems.  Did the owners change? 

We need to get a grip here in this country. What is important?