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Sunday, my most favoritest of all days. I woke up in anticipation. Sunday was the day our church would celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr's birthday. The atmosphere was electric. Background on MLK was given by a man that I have grown to admire. The first time he came to visit the church, well over 2 years now, you could tell that he was special. He was dressed like all other men however he had that something that let you know that he had something. The first time I talked to him I knew he had something. The second and third time I talked to him others said he had something and didn't we look good together. After many weeks of service and on one day as we filed out of the church, we got around to talking however brief about what we liked to do and I asked him if he was married. He said yes.

My heart sunk. I admit I felt as if I had been played and yet in retrospect I had not. The something he had, was that something that we all knew he had. I am sure that I am not the only one that felt played, he is just that way. His kindness was never inappropriate as my attentiveness was never inappropriate. We tiptoed around each other and respect extended in both directions - his and mine. Several years have passed now and we are friends and I respect him more than ever. He loves his wife and he loves the Lord. As I reflected on the wedding that I attended Saturday and as I write this post, the same love that was there on Saturday between the two newlyweds is there between this man and his wife. Long married and yet still in love. They were at the wedding and as they walked away, I noticed the same kind of warmth that I saw at the ceremony. Being able to have the kind of love that sustains is special. He and his wife have undoubtedly gone through peaks and valleys and have come out on the other side. Their relationship had to have a foundation of prayer. Glory indeed.

The minister bringing the message spoke about how grateful he was to be in a community of believers that support each other. I would agree. A member of the choir began to sing without the choir. She sang solo as if on cue. Her words were powerful, they lit up the inside of the sanctuary. The spirit took over the place. The spirit took over her. You could see on her face and in her countenance the glory in the place. I have attended this church for 3 years now and this was the first time this has happened for me and it was powerful. I understood what the glory being in the place looks like and feels like. I cried because I knew I was in the right place. This community worships. I realize that I have indeed found a church home and a place where people are people and they do care.




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I love your love of the Lord.

God bless you and inspire you to greater things.

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Thank you!

Thank you Dolores. Welcome back. Blessings to you!!