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Dreams Come True

My 10 year old graduated from Barbizon's Modeling & Acting Program on Sunday. She and I had spent the day before in total mother-daughter bonding. She had a hair appt. Saturday a.m. and after she was all cute and curled we came home and I gave her a mani and pedi. We sat in my bedroom, the door closed, feet in a warm foot bath and hands in warm soapy water. I clipped her finger- and her toe nails, I removed her cuticles, I filed and shaped her nails, I massaged her hands and her feet with a sweet smelling lotion and I painted her nails. She loved it. We talked, we laughed and we watched my BFF Oprah on television. It took about 2 hours and it was so much fun. She and I both enjoyed the time. I asked her about her talent for the graduation next day and asked if she would let me hear her sing before she sang it to make sure it was OK. She said no. The same no that she had been saying all week. She said mom I want you to be surprised. I said OK.

I know exactly how she feels. If I am going to read a piece, I do not read it to anyone before I am going to do it. I have found that I know when something that I have written is right. I don't want any criticism. I want you to be wowed just like everyone else. My daughter is like me. She wowed me and the family. I know I am like most moms, we think our children are fantastic. And yes, mine are. Her voice is unique. She has her own style. She wanted to sing acapella. I found out after the day that the reason was that she didn't want me to have to spend any money to buy the CD. Sweet. I have great children.

At the presentation of the graduation certificates, each graduate had the opportunity to say something to the audience. My daughter said, "I want to thank my mom for making my dreams come true." I sucked air, my body got warm, tears welled up in my eyes, my aunt held my left hand and my sweetheart held my right hand. My aunt said don't cry. I did not. I smiled and dried my eyes. I was full.

As I watch the Olympian parents who have endured countless hours of sitting and waiting with their children and then to have them do an excellent floor, balance beam or parallel bars routine, is exactly how I felt at that moment. So proud of her and so glad that she is my child. Retiring at 55 with my children as my support system is a good thing.